Why Do I Always Get Bored With My Sexual Partner? Always Turned On By Other Women But Not My Wife?


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I just don't understand. I'm never bored with your wife.
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Its a completely normal human human behaviour to become less interested in a stimulus (in this case your wife) when exposed to it over an extended period of time. Its called desensitisation, and in your case I sense an emotional and sexual desensitisation. I'm sure you still love your wife very much and feel guilty about this - but its only natural what you're feeling. I mean, having the same sexual partner for years can become "boring". The good news is, you can use the same principal that got you to where you are now to find a solution. You became desensitised to your wife sexually by sleeping with her many, many times. To re-sensitise, refrain from sexual contact with your wife. It will also help significantly if you could spend some time apart from her. During this time, also refrain from masturbation and sexual contact with other females. After a while, feeling of lust will return to a point where you cannot wait to get back to her and, well, have sex.
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It's not a copout...I know it is my fault. It happens with all my partners and has already cost me one marriage. I've tried the "change it up" stuff, new venue, neglige, etc. And we have talked about it. It's like a switch that shuts down my sexual desire after a year or two. Yet I'm still attracted to other women. I know it sounds bad but I am looking for honest ways to address it. I think this happens to a lot more men than admit it.
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It's because you don't have a relationship with your wife anymore, your looking for something that's missing in your marriage by sleeping with other women. The missing part is honesty about yourself, men don't talk to their wives about whats really going on inside. The first person we lie to, is ourselves.
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How many ways can you prepare lobster before you get sick of it?. Men and women need variety in most aspects of life.Why is the sexual partner any different? It has nothing to do with how attractive your partner is or how many different ways you can have sex. Men in particular were made to chase.
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Maybe who your with isn't the right one for you
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Marriage is what you make it. I've been married for 8 years. Perhaps a relationship is a little easier for me, because I'm a woman and I enjoy challenges...and I truly believe that women could rule the world (if they wanted to). Women have breasts and hips and thighs and, if they're really fun, little intellectual bells and whistles to complement the framework;), but most women discover their prowess accidentally. Some things flip the magical switch and some things don't...and no two women are alike. Women don't just want to have sex, they want to be wanted. The problem isn't that you are bored, boredom is a byproduct of her state of non-arousal. Maybe if you try panting over her every now and then, instead of ranting about the caveman's need to chase, you might crack a code that leaves you pleasantly surprised (and much more satisfied)...but, no worries, if you won't do it, somebody else will. Oh, and luck has absolutely nothing to do with it!
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That seems to be a cop out,have you asked her if she is bored with you,perhaps you need to spice up the romance department in your life, why are you putting the blame on her it takes two in a marriage,think about what you can do and the two of you talk about it...good luck

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