I Bore My Girlfriend, What Can I Do To Make The Whole Relationship Interesting?


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Many people feel like their relationship gets boring at some point or another. If you spend a lot of time with someone, eventually it is only natural that things start to seem a bit mundane. Keeping the flames burning bright comes down to being spontaneous, seizing the moment and remembering to pay attention to all the small things.

How to make your relationship more interesting In my opinion, the best thing to do to inject some spark back into your relationship is to be spontaneous.
Just to be clear, I don't mean 'mid-life crisis, buy a Harley and get a tattoo of a flaming skull on your forehead' type of spontaneous.
They way to approach being spontaneous is to take a look at your usual routine, and simply replace all the less interesting bits with active and creative past-times.
For example, if you usually spend Saturday night boring your girlfriend by renting a movie from Blockbusters and and ordering a pizza- why not suggest something unpredictable and different instead? (I don't mean a different pizza topping either)
Find out what she's in to and try and show that you take an interest in her hobbies to. For example, if she's into vintage fashion, maybe you could take her to a '50s themed club night or a retro roller disco.

YOLO! Carpe diem! How to not bore your girlfriend! YOLO is a commonly used internet acronym that stands for You Only Live Once. Try to keep this in mind when you're spending time with your girlfriend. No woman wants to spend her life with a man that is happy coasting along in life. You've got to show her that you're as full throttle about life as a Pepsi-Max advert.

Bored in your relationship? Focus on the small things Whenever I'm in doubt, I always look to the musings of Californian pop-punk band Blink 182 for inspiration. Although I'm not 100% sure what the lyrics are all about, their song 'All the small things' reminds me of that feeling of being in a relationship with someone that pays attention to all those little things that most people don't notice. Taking this approach can be a great way to bring the passion back into your relationship. Try 'leaving her roses by the stairs' (as the song goes, although I'm not too sure about 'turning the lights off and carrying her home'...)

One final suggestion is that, a lot of times, problems in a relationship start in the bedroom. Why not try and spice up your love life and see of that gives your relationship a boost? Being a bit more creative and adventurous between the sheets might make your girlfriend realise just how 'un-boring' you actually are. You could even try using sex toys to bring the buzz back into the relationship (yeah, that pun was kind of intended).
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To begin, you can ask your girlfriend why she is bored with you. Maybe it is something that you are or are not doing. If you do not want to ask her this question, then you can take some time and plan some extra unqiue activities. Maybe you can offer to take her on a weekend vacation to somewhere the two of you have never been. You can also take her on an adventure trip where you both try new things that you have never done before (such as bungee jumping). She is bored because you are predictable. So try doing something different. If you always buy her flowers, then for once, buy her something different-such as a CD or something that you know she likes.

Having a relationship takes a lot of work. You always have to be on your toes and eager to please. So, stop doing the same things over and over. Try something new. If she is stil bored...she may not be worth your time.
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How do you know you bore your girlfriend?
Has she actually told you that you bore her?
You might just be feeling that you're not doing enough to make the relationship exciting when in fact she's quite happy.
Perhaps you're feeling anxious because she's made some sort of comment about being bored, but life can't always be exciting. You might be frightened of loosing her?
Try to plan a few nice trips out or a romantic dinner at home. If you know what sort of food she enjoys, why not plan a really special evening together or with a few friends, her sort of food, music and tell her much you enjoy being with her.
It takes two to make a relationship work and ask is she doing enough to ensure you aren't bored too. Perhaps you need a bit of time to yourself to develop new interests and then you'd have a lot to talk about with anyone.

Lack of money can limit the range of things you can do but there are a lot of interesting things to do that don't cost much such as walking in the countryside, enjoying the scenery , taking an interest in current affairs, the music scene, the environment. Think about what you like, think about what she likes and try and develop the interests. If you're trying really hard and she's still bored perhaps you need to think aout a more compatable relationship and this isn't your fault because you've tried to make an effort. Good Luck
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Surprise her. Be more passionate about everything you do. Passion is contagious. Be spontaneous rather than planned and analysing everything and show more enthusiasm. Watch an italian movie if necessary they are passionate about life, love, music and food. Even the way they speak denotes passion and fire. Sexually, try some different fantasies, have a quicke maybe, have sex in other rooms of the house or outside.

And the number one sexiest thing women like is a take charge man, a man who will sometimes put a woman in her place and stand up to her but not in a negative way. Take charge and be a man and if that doesnt work find a girl who likes you for the way you are
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Why is she bored? Maybe you need to spend more time together with each other, or give each other a little more space. If you do not do many things together then that is something that you could both do together...new things should make it interesting again.
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I used to bore my girlfreind put a movie on or something, lay down somewhere comfy and private hold hands, kiss her, make her get on top of you say stuff to make her laugh say romantic things to her also don't take her to a movie some people say take her to a movie no what you want to do is go to your house and have fun
Try to see her as much as possible and tell her that you love her the most loads my girlfriend loves that. And make her feel like shes the special one if you do that and she doesnt respond in any way she's not worth it ... Hope this is useful, and trust me mate take all this advice.

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