Im Bored And Annoyed With My Boyfriend How Do I Handle This?


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It sounds like the relationship has moved past the 'useful help might save it' stage, so it may be time for you to reassess your priorities, and discuss your feelings with him... Then just end it, and move on.

You also should take some time after the relationship and see if you can figure out when and where things began to turn bad. If you realize that you were a solid part of the problem, and not just him 'suddenly' becoming boring, you need to decide what it is you expect from a 'good' relationship, then decide if those things are realistic or not (unrealistic would be things like: Feeling like I'm being swept off my feet romantically every day), and try to adjust your perception of relationships.

Keep in mind, that a relationship is not a fantasy joyride through life, where red carpets roll out under your feet, the champagne flows like water, and there are no hangovers... Relationships are a joining of lives, into a common long term future. Your boyfriend is just a guy, just as human as you are, and just as flawed. A successful relationship should be based on just enjoying being with the other person, and the feeling that you just can't imagine NOT being with him...

I wish you all the luck, and hope you have a great day!
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Well just dump him and Maybe he'll understand
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All you can do is tell him how you feel,
don't make him think you still have feelings for him.
If you don't break up with him sooner than later.
And if you do.. Make sure you haven't told him you love him within 2-3 days
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If you are bored, do things that are fun;
if you are tired of him,
make a plans with your friends.
Talk to him about it.
Or find someone else you know you can have a great time with.

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