What Are Some Fun Things To Do When Your Relationship Gets Boring?


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Be spontaneous and romantic. Do things that she would never expect. Always make sure she comes first. Call her up just to say..."Honey, I was thinkin about you".....Send her little sweet text messages....Send her flowers...Write her love poems...That's keeping it interesting...Trust, me she'll love you for that.
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Keep it romantic. This can be as simple as writing her a note before you leave for work, telling her that you are thinking about her.

You could also suprise her with an in-expensive gift such as a single flower. Find out what she likes and then learn more about those things on your own so that you can talk intelligently with her about them.

Hold her and keep her close. Hold her hand. Touch her when you see her. Keep lots of contact with her without being overbearing and smothery. This will let her know you are interested in her.

When you are with your friends, make sure that you pay attention to her and keep her just as important in the conversation as you do your buddies.

Make time to get away alone, even if for just a few hours. Make her know how much you like to spend time with her. Tell her about her qualities without suckign up to her.

Find out what turns her on then work on it. My girl likes to be kissed on the back of the neck. So, when we're together and it's appropriate in the setting I will kiss her there. That way it let's her know that I remeber what she likes.

The bottom line is to treat her with the little nuonces that you like. She has them do it.
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My boyfriend and I play a game called find it. I'll take something from him like his car keys or starbucks card and hide it somewhere. He either has to find it on his own or he has to kiss me and I'll give him a clue.
   P.s it is really fun to hide them on yourself
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Everyone cannot be interesting all the time. All relationships go through a time when there are lulls of all sorts. Think about what drew you together in the first place. This is a time to be honest. Honesty should be used at the outset of a relationship. Otherwise, a person may only pretend to be interested in the interests of the other, but may only be physically attracted to him/her. Be honest about your feelings and talk about that, but not accusingly. Address the problem as a new project and there should be things to talk about and some underlying problem may surface. It's hard to keep emotions under control in these types of conversations, but the solution is to get to the bottom of the problem, not to find out who is to blame. Maybe you're both just tired. Sometimes a relationship can be comfortable when you are just satisfied being together and there is no need for words. Don't expect the other person to be responsible for making your life interesting. Find things to do that interest you. That will make you more interesting and there will be things to talk about again. Let it get natural again without pressuring. Try to be friendly anyway. If you're just dating and you have found it's not working out, be honest and end it as congenially as you can. There are people who are more compatible, and that is what dating is about, finding someone who is a good fit emotionally, mentally and interestwise.
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Even just sitting around bored can be fun sometimes, have you ever been in marker fights those are fun. Lol. Food fights even.  If you have a slush machine and its hot outside you can crush a whole bunch of ice and separate it into bowls then go outside and have a snowball fight. (I did that one year, it was awesome)  go to the store together pick out something that you could both do together. Like a board game or something ... Try a new hobby together that neither of you have done, like skateboarding. Lol. There are plenty of things....what about laser tagging. Laser tagging had to of been one of the funnest nights ever, even a car ride is fun sometimes just do something spontaneous. Just make sure it fits your personalities a lil bit, and then it will be even funner, and wont look like you just went online to find out it will look like you actually sat down and thought about it. Not that anyone would evaluate that lol, but you never know.
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Spice it up a little you no what am saying
take her on a random holiday give her time of her life
go clubbing with her may be    up to you on that one
try new things with her ;)
don't do stuff like leave her little notes saying iloveyou thats sad    say it to her face and show it to her
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Have you tried to take up a mutual hobby, pastime, extra curricular activity together? Do the two of you have any fetishes? If so, try combining the two together to get a whole new one to run with.
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Try going to new places and trying to go to different restaurants meet other couples and you will have things to talk about.
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Do some chocolate body paint.
Hire a little boat for da day and make a picnic.
Do some things he likes try them out.
Go rock climbing do some exciting things you only live once.
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To make a relationship really interesting you need to have wide range of interesting things to do.
Apart from the physical side of a realtionship there are so many other things that can make realtionships interesting.
Think about what sort of things you both like doing, start at the basics like do you both enjoy books, films, walks in the countryside, visiting the seaside, dancing, drives out, good food, going to the pub, theatre - the possiblities are endless.
You could plan regular treats that you both enjoy and make the planning a lot of fun. It depends on how much you can afford but can you take up some activities and hobbies you can both enjoy.
You could decide on something totally new for you both that would be a challenge and exciting too, it would give you a common interest straight away.
If you both want something new to have a go at why not paln a different sort of adventure holiday, there are plenty on offer.
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Mix it up a little, try doing fun things... Comedy show (where you can laugh) watch a sad movie - where you can cry, go to a live sporting event, learn a new hobby together (Ebay, Tennis, Darts). Do things that will involve a lot of different emotions. Show your athletic side, maybe bowling. Try to learn a foreign language or sign language. Do things where you can rely on one another. Run, Walk, Breath, Shop, Dine out, people watch, write notes to each other. Set up a date site, dress up the way you did on your first date: Hair, makeup, nails, perfume, nice clothes, jewelry, etc. Dress Up, Dress Sexy! There are hundreds of things to do to keep you from getting bored.
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Take a distance for a while , maybe take some time for yourself ,hang out with your friends instead of your boyfriend, don't tell him that you want to take a distance go away  for a while (maybe tell him your studying or busy or something) and eventually things will get back to normal ...if you're spending a lot of time with a person it's pretty normal to feel that you have nothing to talk've said everything...if this didn't work out then look for the real reason why your bored maybe this person isn't your type just break up....its never too late ..hope this helps:D
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Some how you need to re-light that specialness you had between you. I would try and look for things that you haven't done before that will make you closer, and maybe need to work closely together, in the activity you haven't done before. Good Luck.
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Well my boyfriend and I always go to dinner and then we'll go see a movie..we get bored sometimes and can't come up with things to do. What should we do in a boring day?
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I told my girlfriend that and she, said we needed to take a brake, and I don't like it one bit, I just told her we should take our relationship one step further, and she was like that wont help. Fml
I was in the same situation, think of things, talk about your day or what you would like from the relationship, school, family, interest...hope I helped
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The best way out is to watch some good movies, go for shopping of his choice, a good candle light dinner and things of his choice would be great.
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Well try stepping out of your comfort zone, and do something different with him. If you go to the movies a lot try going to a mini-golf course instead, I know it sounds boring but believe me it isn't, just try to do something different
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Some girls just don't want to try anything else...all I get is 'ehh I duno, why wud we do that?'  and then complain that the excitement is gone and the relationship is boring :/ don't know why I bother

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