How Do You Know When You're Getting Bored Of A Relationship?


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There are a number of 'signs' to look out for if you think your relationship is getting a bit boring.

Having been in exactly that situation a number of times before, here are a few that I can think of:

Signs that your relationship is getting boring: Do you prefer spending time separately?

This may sound obvious, but it's the first sign that a relationship is getting dull. It makes sense to look for entertainment elsewhere when something is not keeping your interest.

Have you started becoming lazy around each other? People who are bored in a relationship tend to make less of an effort. This means less effort in what you wear when you're together and less effort trying to make each other happy.

Less sex is a sign that a relationship has started to turn grey. When the passion is there, sex seems so easy, but when things have gone a little stagnant, it can be hard to feel as excited about bedtime.

What to do when a relationship gets boring? Luckily, just because your relationship has become boring doesn't automatically mean the end is nigh.

Perhaps you just need to find that new lease of life, which can be done by communicating and putting some effort into things.

Why not go out on dates and plan secret surprises for each other? This will help boost that 'romantic element' that could be missing.

Also bear in mind that relationships have a tendency to flat-line after a while, though whether you've got the dedication and enthusiasm to resuscitate it is the big question!
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There are many different "signs" in every relationship. Considering you are asking the question at all leads me to believe that your relationship is getting boring.

Try not to fret too much, all relationships go through a stagnant period. Change it up a little. Go on a date that you haven't been on before. Has either of you two talked about anything that you wanted to try/do? Then do that.

Do something different that is new to you two. That may start to bring back the zing you two once shared. The relationship will come back as that is the way of life in general.
Good luck and be happy.
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Excessive yawning. Not looking at you or paying attention to what you're saying. Frequent, unexplained trips to the bathroom.
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I have been dating this guy that I really like for a while and I really love him but I see myself getting kind of bored with are relationship but I told him and we started working it out we just needed to start trying new stuff!

Just start kissing him more and just be more out-going with your partner!!! Spend more time together! For real!
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Sometimes the atmosphere is pretty flat! But if you truly love the person you are with then it will sort its self out! Just spice up your time together a bit!
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  • Do you find yourself annoyed by your partner?
  • Do you feel sick seeing them a lot?
  • Would you rather hang out with someone else?
  • Pay attention to what you both do.
  • Sit at home dinner or go out on exciting dates?

You should realize you're bored in your relationship.They are obviously not pleasing you if you're not smiling or happy when you're around them.

You should experience going out with other people if you're not satisfied with your current dating scene.
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Elhana Harman
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but what if you truly believe you love this person but are getting the feeling your getting bored .... I'm rather confused ... i love him so much - but i cant help realising i get annoyed with him, would rather be handing out with others and I'm not so happy as was at the start of our relationship...........any help ?
Maria Mannequin
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Then why don't you make the move to help your relationship.
Make dates more interesting and be more spontaneous.

Also, try to tell him how you're feeling without hurting his feelings.
You never know, maybe he'd like to know what he's doing wrong.
There's always room for a little change.
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  1. Does not give you enough attention like he/she used to,
  2. Has alibis or expresses disinterest when you were suppose to talk/meet to avoid you
  3. Some times he/she uses that blank face when you're together or when you're talking.

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