I'm getting bored in my relationship. I want to cheat on him but I don't want to hurt him. I want to leave him but I'm afraid I'll be making a mistake. Any suggestions? Is it wrong to feel like this? Any advice on keeping things exciting?


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Every relationship gets boring. When you hit that point it's just a signal that you aren't trying hard enough anymore. Do something fun together. Change it up. If you value the relationship and care at all for the guy than you'll work at it a little. Cheating is the easy way out and if you do it with this guy you'll do with every guy as there's no such thing as the perfect relationship.
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There's lots of books on the market with things like 365 things to do in a relationship or things like that. They're a cheap investment for a healthy relationship.
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Can't say I've never had the thought go through my own head. But I've learned to push it out as fast as it came in. Good luck with it all.
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It happens, but you should not cheat. Break up with and find someone else because cheating on him will hurt him allot even if he doesn't find out. The right thing to do is let him down gently
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You make mistakes everyday! You seem to be very self-centered because you say you want to cheat but then you don't want to leave him because of your own self-esteem being destroyed because you made a mistake! Ha! Hilarious! Hmm You cannot cheat and expect to live with it, nobody is forcing you to stay with him, sure you get bored, and I don't think you should stay with him because if you had the guts to come out and say you are thinking of cheating with him it's like adultery already because why would you even think that if you have any feelings for him? You cannot have best of both worlds. I wouldnt mind if you said that you are just getting bored because thats okay but thinking of cheating disgusts me, you don't deserve him if you are going to say that! Come on, just be real, you don't like him? Then leave him because trying to make it exciting may back-fire and it doesn't matter if you will make a mistake that's LIFE and it's tough love.

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