I'm 14 and I have my first real serious relationship. I'm a virgin, but I think I'm ready to be a mum?! I really don't love the guy I'm with and I don't want to marry him but I want to be a mum so bad! I know I can handle it, but I don't know...


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I got pregnant at 14 had my son 2 months after I turned 15 . Ill be 17 in 5 months and hes almost 18 months . Its a lot harder than people think .. I don't get to be a normal teenager . I'm a single mom . Noone wants to have anything to do with me because of the baby . I ever get to go out and be a normal teenager . Like last night I got a baby sitter for the first time in 9 months . They called me after about 2hours and told me to come get my kid . I wanted to go out with a friend today and go to a lake and have a good time and I couldnt because I had no babysitter . When your a mommy you got to put the baby before you . Untill your old enough to work you got to depend on someone to support you and the baby . Most men will say they will be there but when they findout how hard and expensive it is to be a father they leave . I had to quit school and be a stay at home mom because the father left oe night . My sister is a teenage mother and she can't handle it , my daddy has her son but not every teen mom is that lucky to have someone keep the child when they feel ike going out and partying . Just think about all this before you decide to have a baby
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Maria Not Telling
Ur a very strong and good luck u sound like a good mom
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All the best, you are being responsible by putting your baby first and I can assure you that you will raise a good child if you keep taking such good responsibility.
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I understand where you're coming from :3 my friend is in the same situation. But don't do it. You are really going to miss out on life!D: A baby is annoying, loud, expensive. Having a baby is something beautiful and great but it involves a lot of time, responsability, you'd have to stop being you and start being a mom. Itt can also come out defective:/ you're so young...you need to enjoy yourself while you can:) have a baby, when you grow up, with the person you love, and I promise itll be amazing :D <3
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Honey don't listen to maria talk to a really good friend at school and your only 14 you have time to be a mother trust me life carry's on 

hoped I helped you :-)
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Really you can handle it r you dumb I mean have you ever seen teen mom get real your 14 you how r you going to go though school jobs no social life no money no job no high school dances and no other guy than your bf I mean come on be smarter
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Dont be so tough on her. She's 14.
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Ok really maria one she is 14 and be alittle bit nicer she coulds of been younger triyng to get help before she talks to her mom and honstly ther could be a 6 year on here r u going to be mean to her/him im just asking u to be alittle bit nicer cuz u never be happy doing what ur doing know im just saying think of ur self before others
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Thankyou for sticking up for me(; my mom had me when she was 16 so i know how that is...
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Wait and enjoy your teenage years! :)
If you really love babies you can either bag your mom to have another baby (probobly not going to happen) or apply as a babysitter then you'll be like a stepmom to the baby your babysitting but only for a few hours lol,
and in my opinion its better to wait until you have a stable household of your own and a stable relationship. If you do get pregnant you relationship with your parents,friends,teachers and/or anyone who's close to you could never be the same knowing that your not a sweet innocent little girl they always knew.

Hope I helped. And Good-Luck!!!! :)
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Baby at 14? All i could say sweety is you should wait for the right time. Some people stay single at the age of 30 or something but then they didn't decide to have a baby.. Why? Because according to them, they dont have enough money. Having a baby gives you a very big responsibility. It is not like when you eat something awful you'll just gonna throw it away because you dont like it. You are 14, youre young and you can do everything at that age like studying, meeting friends and reading novel. Be a responsible daughter first before you decide to be a mom. Anyway, live your life to the fullest. Enjoy it while you have cause sooner or later you will become so busy just like the older. God bless. Baby will come soon after you have proven that you worth it. :)

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People in the past used to be married by your age.

Today roles are very reversed so you can't really do that and it will also be against the law in your case. You could chose a young man but I doubt he will earn a decent income.

So I guess you have to try to stick to this system if you ever plan on thriving in it.

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Being a parent is a long term commitment. Waiting even a few more years will be just a drop in the bucket. You will be happier knowing a little better what you're doing, but the decision is yours. Do not waste your integrity on a dream that will come true anyways though. Be patient.

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I know it may seem like it now, but this is not a serious relationship. This guy won't matter to you when you're 25. 14 is too young to be dating anyway.

However, I know what you mean. It's a human instinct to want children. How else would our species survive? But 14 is FAR too young. You should wait until you are a LOT older (20 at least) and are in a stable relationship with someone who you do love, or, if that doesn't work out, make sure you have the support of family or friends.

I'm sure that you will be a great mum one day, but please wait. You will see when you are older that having kids as a teenager is not the right decision. Obviously, sometimes it happens, and I have a huge amount of respect for those girls who raise their kids, when they're so young themselves.

But you have a choice. Please wait. Also, the age of consent is 16, so it would be illegal right now anyway.

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Darling, enjoy your life and wait until you're older. Enjoy your teenage years now and one day with that someone special you'll become a parent.

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You will regret your life if you have a kid now.  Wait until 20 at least.  You need to learn a LOT before you're ready for a child, and that only comes with age and life experience. DO NOT DO IT.

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Never have a baby because do you want a mother like you? Can you care baby? This is not babysitting game.

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Understand that every teenager goes through wanting to be mothering and nurturing to a child when their hormones are acting all crazy during the development of their adult self. This is a temporary thing and will balance itself out. Don't do it because you can't take it back when you feel differently in the near future with other priorities. 

You will do a huge disservice to yourself and to a child. YOU WILL change your mind about the urgency of it, even though its natural to want one.

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No. It's not a serious relationship. I get where you're coming from though. I recommend you do not have a child until you are at least 22 and financially stable. It won't work out. I'm telling you.

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No, you are not "Ready to be a mum".

Mother's want the best for their children, and you are on an internet forum disclosing a possible plan to get pregnant at 14 . . . No financial foundation. 

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