I'm in a "inappropriate" relationship. How do I break up with them? I don't want to be in the relationship anymore but I care and love him. How do I not hurt him?


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Here's the secret to a breakup: Be honest with the other person and be nice at the same time. There really is no way to breakup with someone without hurting them or yourself. Just be as nice and as honest with them as possible. Good luck on your endeavor my friend.

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Cookie Roma answered

The fact is, you may not be able to end it without hurting him. That said, if you know this relationship is wrong for you you owe it to yourself to break it off. Of course you need to do it in the kindest (but be VERY CLEAR) possible way.  How the other person feels is not something you can control. 

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Jojo A. answered

The thing is hurt is something he will have to deal with because your honesty is your truth, and you deserve to live without feeling inappropriate. Its not good for you self worth and value. Communication of the truth as truth and not as an excuse or fluff is the best way for anyone. You say you are not comfortable in the situation because its wrong many levels and you are having difficulty facing you self in the mirror. 

It has everything to do with you and nothing to to with him as a person, its just the right thing to do to live in your truth. Rather than a falsehood.

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