I'm in love with someone but I don't want to be! How do I not fall in love? The more I try not to, the more I like him! What do I do? Pleasee...it's horrible feeling so confused! 8(


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That's the thing about love, you can't always choose who you love, it sometimes chooses you.

Why you don't want to be in love with them?

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Adila Adila
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Because.....I dunno...I'm scared and I don't think he likes me. Like I don't think I'm ready. He talks to me a lot...says I'm pretty etc and we talk like late at night till 3am but then he could be just being nice? I dunno! 8( I so confused...
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Maybe you should tell him, he might feel the same way?
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Don't fight it! Unless you have a boyfriend...8p See how it goes, let your friendship progress a little longer, and then I guess you can tell him how you feel...I'm not a guy expert, though. 8)

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