I try so hard to make him love me but i really don't feel he loves me any more he says it but i don't feel like he means it what should i do i try and talk about it but he isn't interested?


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Hey you stolen my words .... I try so hard to make you love me, but I really don't feel you loves me or not, you says you r alone but I don't fell like woooo I just copy it , yup I mean to say give me a sweet smile of your than I will you a big hug.... Feel it !
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If you feel like he's playing around you try catching the truth don't make any decisions that will surely affect your relationship if you don't know everything... If you proved that he's playing around you LEAVE HIM. MOVE ON.

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The quickest and besst way to tell if someone likes/loves you is by their actions around you especially when friends are around too, Trust your gut feelings here as the heart does and will lie and words sometimes are so cheap so instead of words, watch his actions and youll see the answer you seek

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