I told my crush I liked him and now he isn't really talking to me, I hope I didn't do the wrong thing cause we were good friends. He keeps saying its fine but j don't think it is. Thoughts?!?


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It's probably quite awkward for him at the moment, so when he says it's fine, what he means is that it will be fine. Just give him some time to get used to the idea. You should try to move on now that you know your feelings are not mutual and don't do anything too flirty with him. In fact, after a while, if you get a crush on someone else you could mention it. That might help him to see that you're moving on.

It will be weird for a while because the dynamic of the relationship has changed, but (I speak from experience) friendships *can* survive this. I have had a few friends who have had a crush on me at one point or another and I am still friends with most of them.

It's only awkward if you make it awkward. Just act like nothing happened and it should be okay.

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