What do I do if I like a guy and he knows I do because my "friend" told him. Also she says it's obvious that he likes me to but I'm so Embarrassed now I don't know how to talk to him?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Either find a way to talk to him or pray he starts talking to you but this is what happens when your friends try helping out in dating
Ihab Marzouk Profile
Ihab Marzouk answered
You can try say hi and talking to him like you do in any other casual day, you can pretend like nothing happened.
Lucy Harsy Profile
Lucy Harsy answered
Oh my god that is just what I went through! Just wait for him to start talking to you and try to not talk about you liking him YOU will do just fine!!!!
Annie Pana Profile
Annie Pana answered
Lol this has just happened to me too haha the guy I like knows I like him, and my friends told me tht he thought I was prettyy loonnggg storryyy but the day after all tht happened he was soo casual about it, it was as if it never even happened! So just don't make it awkward and talk to him as normal if you get the chance... Thts what my crush did and now I fancy him eeveenn morree teehee gd luck! No awkwardness! ;)

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