How do I ask a guy out without it being weird? I don't want him to say no because then I will feel embarrassed to ever talk to him again.


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Get to know him first, find out what he likes to do.  If he likes sports, ask him to the hockey game on Saturday.  Or say " My friend kinda blew me off and I have this extra ticket to the hockey game on Saturday, if you wanted to go with me?" Or if you are too shy to do it alone, get some friends together for a party or set up an event such as "paintball day" and invite him and get to know him more in a group environment. If he is interested in you, he will surely find a way to go with you, if he makes up a ridiculous excuse not to go, well then maybe he's just not that into you and it's a "no big deal" way to get shut down since you didn't actually "ask him out" you just invited him along.  Note: Asking people to the movies is kinda lame, especially for a first date because you can't get to know them and it is not a creative, personal, or special idea.  Asking someone to go skating or swimming at the beach, paint-balling or whatever physical activities people are into these days is a lot more fun and memorable then going to see the latest flick... Just my thoughts on first dates.. Mich
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Just be honest with him and ask him. Tell hime how you feel. Maybe you should ask him by himself so he wont be embarrassed.

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