Why Some People Think That They Are Smart And Others Are Losers?


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Only those people think alike who are proud and jealous of others. No one in this world is perfect. God has gifted every one in this world with some ability and we need to find it in our own.
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I don't think they necessarily believe they are smart. They think they are better. That's because they are self-centered and intolerant. They think only of themselve and can't accept flaws in others.
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Intelligence, like other characteristics, are interpreted by human beings based on their own value system and worldview, and sometimes based in their cultural values. (Unfortunately, in various cultures, and among individuals, the measure of intelligence varies and is put in competing terms. )

In my thought, intelligence comes in many forms, and those gifts are uniquely given to individuals. In an extreme example, I am reminded of the autistic savant, Stephen Wiltshire, who though unable to care for himself so well daily, was taken on a 30 minute helicopter ride to observe the layout of Rome, and came back to reproduce a sketch of it in uncanny accuracy over a three day period from memory. He drew it to the last detail, including people on the street observed from his altitude, and the exact placement of cars on the hundreds of tiny streets and every detail of architecture (up to # windows in every building he viewed from the air).

Sometimes people can be so small in their judgments. Kep confidence that we all have our gifts and that no one of us in is a position to need to judge another.

And look up "Stephen Wiltshire" on Google sometime. You will be amazed. I think.
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That's informal. They are just so dumb and jealous that the others are so smart.
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No person in this world is and should be Jealous. People that are have no life. They should be trying to better them self then being jealous.

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