What I want to know is, im 16 and my boobs are C cups, people tell me that they are big, but others tell me they are small. I think there kind of small. Is C cups a bid size ??


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I'm 75 and my boob's  size is 75 DDD cup.  Let's both be happy ;)

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I'm younger and rounder I can take Mrs D LOL LOL
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Now that'd be an interesting contest. She won her division of the state triathlon championship one year and just before her 60th birthday took lessons flying a hang glider. You'd better pick your arena carefully. :D
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O my on second thought. LOL
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It all depends on the size of your body. At 16 I incorrectly wore a 36C. It was a little big around, but if I went down to a 34 I would have needed to go up to a D cup, and 34D was not an easy size to find back then. (We didn't have Victoria Secret, and I wouldn't been able to afford it if they did.)

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Ideally, the breast should fit the frame. Big cups on small frames can look like a pimple on a pumpkin. Unless you're very slightly built you C-cups (at any age) would be very attractive.

But don't miss the point. They're don't have only cosmetic value and they're not only intended to attract the attention of adolescent boys; they actually have a job to do and, when the time comes, they'll do that job whatever the size.

So, as an equal-opportunity breast fancier, I'd say be happy with your body. Keep it in shape (for your own well-being) and don't worry about the dimensions of big and small.

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Does it matter?????

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