I am 12 and my bra size is a 32A. My mom has a B cup and my grandmothers have about that same but my Aunt has a D cup. My dad says that I look just like my grandmother looked like. How big will my boobs be? And when will they get bigger?


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Mandy Clark answered
I started puberty when I was 8. I wore a training bra for two years, then a 32A for another two years. I am now comfortably at a 36A. When I was 12 was when I starred filling out (finally!). Also, have you started your period? Once that starts, that's when you will really start getting bigger breasts and hips. I know this from experience
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Arthur Wright answered
Everything that changes us into men and women usually occurs around 16 or so , the age of puberty so be patiient as changes are coming soon for you

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