Why Do I Always Feel Wet In My Panti?


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You may have weak pelvic floor muscles and you can do things to correct this you may also have an infection it would be wise to go see your doctor for a check up explain everything and don't be shy honestly they hear every problem you can imagine if your trying to conceive best to get this sorted isn't it
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You may have a bladder infection, or a urinary tract infection.
I would recommend seeing your doctor right away. He might
give you a antibiotic pill called cirplo which you take 10-14 days.
He may also check for undetected STD''s
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Its probably that your ovulating really heavy. This is what I suggest try and get some pany liners that have a fresh scent. I recommend Always pany liners they seem to work the best for me because they stay in place. Also I recommend baby wipes to help with the odor. Try to change your underwear often too. I hope this helped.
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Actually I can say nothing, coz I also have the same problem and it really hurts me inside.
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Well maybe this is b/c you r on your menstrual & you have the wrong kind of pad. You could also may b having 2 go to the restroom more often & you r not aware. You could b drinking 2 much water or other liquids. If it's serious, id make and appointment w/ my doctor 2 make sure nothing's wrong. Just pray about the situation and ask God 2 fix it, especially if it's serious b/c doctors can only do so much!

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