Why Do I Love Panties?


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I don't know what it is. I love wearing panties and like seeing woman in panties and also men in panties, especially satin panties. Maybe what I find so erotic about them is what they seem to leave to the imagination and what naughty secrets they may hold. I love the way a nice pair of panties hug a butt just right. I love getting a woman so wet her panties are left saturated before I take them off. I love the musky scent that is so sexy. I obsessed with womens panties. For me this has been a fetish I've had since I was in my early teens. It's so strong I've even stolen panties from hampers. I have been caught wearing them a few times and its always a rush and excites me so much. I know lots of men have a panty fetish, most guys cannot pass by a hamper without taking a look inside. I've had girlfriends that loved this fetish and used it to tease me and others that simply don't get it or are freaked out by it. There is even a community for men wearing panties mwpclub.com I visit it often and I have made so many panty friends there, its nice to be able to talk with others about my love of panties. Most men do have a feitsh for panties, wearing panties, sniffing panties or just seeing panties.
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Sounds familiar!! I had about 100 pairs and told myself "you HAVE to stop buying panties" but of course I would go shopping and see a sale and bingo more panties!! I got up to about 170 pairs and again told myself " you HAVE to stop buying panties", well I  went shopping yesterday and don't you know there was a great panty  sale on and I bought another 45 pairs
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I'm a woman, and I love men in panties too. I would be way into a guy wearing my panties (or his panties! Maybe I could wear his panties.) It's such a shame that there is a stigma attached to wanting to wear undergarments of the opposite sex, sometimes I like to wear mens' boxers. I swoon at the idea of catching a boy in their girly drawers.
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Because they are comfy to wear and make you hot and horny
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I just love he fit and feel. I am always wearing my panties. I too have over four hundred pairs.
Most are just in bags not really wearing have everyday panties and sleeping panties.
Love them for over forty years.
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I have worn panties for almost 40yrs.  I can't remember the last time I owned a pair of "male underware"  I have been married three times and each one of my wives enjoyed my panty fetish, but the woman I am with now embraces and encourages my fetish.  We each have our own drawer and nothing is better than putting on a new pair knowing she will want to know where I bought them, and perhaps a week later I notice them crumpled up in a ball with her jeans in the laundry room.  

It is one of the sweetest parts of my life.  I love the pretty, the soft, the thin material, I just inhale every single thread of each pair I own.
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Panties are the greatest undergarments that anyone can wear. I'm a huge fan of panties.
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There are many reasons why straight  men,with no psychological issues, like to wear panties. One originates from memories from our early childhood where we observe that both the behaviour of little girls and the treatment they recieve from adulating adults is very different than little boys. This is at a time when a young boy or girl has no understanding of sexual differences.

They observe different clothing and different styles of  play. The brain decides that someone who wears frilly (sissy) clothing appears to get treated gentler and more lovingly. These types of memories can in later life drive the sub conscious desire in some men to recieve the adulation of a youg child by attempting to replicate the same situation through clothing and in some cases behaviour.

This behaviour does not mean their are any psychological issues it is just one individuals way of adjusting to the daily stresses.

Like other forms of clothes we decide to wear we try to reflect our mood, status and current activities in our daily choices.

Another explanation is much less complex. At some point around pubescence we see some panties and curiousity makes us pick them up and put them on. At that electric moment we find the sensuous feel of the fabric caressing our private parts starting an erection even before we know the intimate history of where they would normaly reside on a women or girl.

That single discovery will initiate furthe explortaion with other panties and lingerie items. The secret gets inplanted and peer pressure fear takes over making the wearing of pnaties even more exciting and dangerous.

Only later in life do we find we are not alone but the addiction will stay and the pleasure will live on.
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I just love panties the way they feel against my body I will never wear mens underwear again I love the feel of silk not 2 much into bras but if I could get my wife into the idea I would wear all womans clothing keep wearing don't worry about what anyone thinks
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I love panties for their sensual and sexy look and feel, And the delicate little adornments and materials used. Can't find that in the guys section!
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I have over 500 pairs. There are some thongs , but mostly Hi Cut Briefs.
On nights and weekends they are the only thing I wear in the house.
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Because you like the way a you feel when you wear them. I know I do. I collect panties because I get tired of wearing the same panties. I love to shop for panties which gives me a thrill.
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Perhaps your love for panties has something to do with what they are intended for such as the scent of a woman,the look,the feel,etc.
If you feel you are emotionally disturbed by this love for panties,contact a local psychiatrist.Otherwise,it sounds like you really love women and visualize subconsciously them as a sanctuary for male stimulation.thanks.
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I too love wearing pretty panties. I have no idea why, I just love feeling like a girl sometimes and being in panties makes me feel like a sissy which I love so much. I sometimes wonder what the hell am I doing and throw all my panties and girl things away, only to want to buy them again. I have a great body and have posted pics of me in my panties on the net, I love being seen in my panties. I am sitting here in a pair of yellow victoria secret panty with black hearts on them and they say "pink" on them !!!
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I too love panties, having probably 30+ pair and wearing them daily.  But I then also have matching bras for many of my panties which I also enjoy wearing.  My wife has probably an equal number of panties and bras and often we wear matching sets on certain days ... Definitely adds to the spice for the day and the fun when we both get home from work in the evening.
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I love wearing panties to. I love anything that's colorful or plain white. I love nylon panties with feminine lace, ribbons, polka dots. I just LOVE wearing female underwear. I like how they look and feel on me. I also like that I am wearing the "wrong" underwear. I have underwear of so many different sorts. I just can't help buying girl's and women's underwear. The so called "incorrectness" of wearing female underwear. Which is why I love wearing girl's underwear. Wrong age, wrong gender. Therefore the underwear is about as "incorrect" as it can possibly be. I mean, wearing underwear for females my age is great, but wearing underwear for 12 year old girl...it's even better! Cause it's just so against what society believes...a 22 year old guy wearing 12 year old girl's underwear. It's such a taboo. That's the biggest part...the taboo. If society was to suddenly say "it's okay to wear girl's underwear" or "You can wear female underwear if you want, there is nothing wrong with that" it would basically just ruin it for me.
If I ever needed to get rid of this underwear really quickly, I wouldn't throw it out. I would have it all washed thoroughly and donate it to a women's shelter or salvation army.
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I love panties; looking up girls' skirts especially, and also wearing them. I wear panties all the time, but always plain white or black with my girlfriend, with whom I have a perfectly normal relationship.
When I'm on the internet I ask webcam girls if I can look up their skirts, and If they will hold up their panties to the camera for me.
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Okay! This is weird now! You need to reduce on the number of panties you buy. It is natural for people to adore and love things like these but believe me; you can love other beautiful things as well. Stop looking at panties and stop THINKING about them! It will work out for you!

Do keep me posted about it, okay?

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