Why do I like being a sissy who wears pretty panties?


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Because you have good taste,
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Thanks, I do have lots of pretty panties and girl things to wear and it makes me feel good
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There are many reasons why stright  men,with no psychological issues, like to wear sissy clothes. One originates from memories from our early childhood where we observe that both the behaviour of little girls and the treatment they recieve from adulating adults is very diffent than little boys. This is at a time when a young boy or girl has no understanding of sexual differences.

They observe different clothing and different styles of  play. The brain decides that someone who wears frilly (sissy) clothing appears to get treated gentler and more lovingly. These types of memories can in later life drive the sub conscious desire in some men to recieve the adulation of a youg child by attempting to replicate the same situation through clothing and in some cases behaviour.

This behaviour does not mean their are any psychological issues it is just one individuals way of adjusting to the daily stresses.

Like other forms of clothes we decide to wear we try to reflect our mood, status and current activities in our daily choices.
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Could it be because you are transgendered, being born with male plumbing, but enjoy and appreciate your fem side?  I think so.

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