Are There Some Women Out There That Think It Is Cute If A Guy Wears Her Panties?


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Kyoko Katayama answered
I like some of my boyfriends to put on my panties, but only if they are trim and slim, so they don't rip my panties.
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I asked my wife and she said she and several of her girlfriends think it is cute to see a guy in panties.  But even though we wear the same size, she prefers to have me wear my own ... Though sometimes it is hard to tell with the matching bra sets we have, the only real difference there is that her bras are a cup size bigger (I wear a B and she wears a C).
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The sad part is there is someone out there who will like anything. I don't like seeing guy's kissing and hugging. I also do not find it a turn on to see guys in a locker room wearing girls panties.
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Starma Scorpio answered
No it kinda creeps me out if A guy wants to wear womens underwear, sorry, maybe some chicks are into it but I find it unappealing.....
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What?! I would not think it's cute if my boyfriend wore my panties! What, I'M supposed to be the cute one in the relationship, I'm supposed to wear lacy, sexy, pink things not him! No shirt and boxers is the sexiest thing to me...or formal attire with a tie...I like that ; )
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Lee Jay
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I say "what" to your answer. So you don't want a b/f who is cute too ... Too much competition? Fortunately my wife doesn't agree with you ... Seeing me wearing sexy panties, be they her's or mine (yes we wear the same size) turns her on. No shirt and boxers? Definitely not! Though my wife likes it when I do wear sexy lingerie under my formal attire ... It is our little secret.
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Variety is the spice of life lol

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