Why Man Buy His Girl Panties?


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He's imagining you wearing them.
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It's a sign of sexy compassion :)   Guys do this to show they care about you, and that he wants to pamper you with presents  even sexy presents. 
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Your boyfriend bought this for you because he love you and wanted to see how you look in these panties. This is one aspect, other aspect is he takes care of you and know that these are your necessaries.
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I've probally bought my fiance over 100 pairs of panties ...all answers are correct we like to see how they look on and off ;) lol but as well as we like to pamper you....hell sometimes I go crazy with it we will be shopping and she will tell me to quit and we will check out and I we will leave the store ...go the car and I'll be like hold on I'll be right back and by now she knows what's up ...I go in buy her the stuff she thought we didn't have he money and a lot more I love buying suff for her because as you females know "If yall are have a great day or a horrible day ....those few little gifts put a little spark in your eye"
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When I was dating my wife I bought her lots of things. Enjoy it. He wants you to enjoy his gifts.
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You know It might be a signal that he wants to have sex with you and that is his way of asking but it might just of been something he saw that he thought you might like.
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He bought  you cute panties because he wants to see you wear them and loves to see  you in your panties.  It is a very sensual turn-on for him.  Maybe he wants you to share them with him.
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Buying the panties and bras show you know there size plus your taste of what you like on her.....let alone mmm wonder what ones she'll buy you!!!

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