Why Do I Like To Wear Panties And My Wife Buys Them For Me?


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Once a woman finds out her panties can just get him excited and once they convience you to put them on LOOK OUT! Your hooked and when she wants you excited and ready when she comes home she will put them under you pillow with a note, put them on PLEEZ. For me. Then if you fall asleep believe me you flower wont.LOL
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Very simple, you like wearing women panties and your wife likes them on you. Don't let anyone change your likes.
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Brian Kinney
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Sounds good to me, here is another one for you :)
mek nic
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She wants you to know she just loves you in them plus i will bet she loves what they do to you when they slide up your legs and mmmmmmm to late no way are you going to say no now!!!
Lee Jay
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I agree, if you like wearing panties and maybe other items of lingerie that your wife has helped you aquire, why not? My wife loves seeing me in sexy lingerie, as I do her, and it is great ... Adding spice to our married life!
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You wear panties because you enjoy them and your wife, seeing how much you do, buys them for you and wants you to wear panties all the time.
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Wearing panties makes you feel good and probably less stressed and you wife gets bot hth at benefit plus they subliminaly give her more control over you and your behaviour. A win win situation.

As they say he who pays the piper calls the tune.

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