My Wife Wants To Buy Me Panties. What Should She Get Me?


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I'd recommend letting your wife make the decision - it sounds like she's the boss after all!

But if you really feel the need to be a naughty boy and have your say in everything, then here are a few suggestions:

What panties should my wife buy me?

Surely the whole point of her going out to buy you panties is that she is going to choose what she wants to see you in?

If you want to please her, I'd suggest you spend some time thinking about what type of panties she'd like to see you wearing.

What panties does my wife like seeing me in?
Silk and satin are very popular options, they both have a very sensuous way of interacting with naked skin. Nylon panties are also another good choice, I know for a fact many men like wearing them.

Lace panties are also very seductive, and frilly lace panties are a good option if you want to be a bit of a tease.

Color is also really important - for some women, a sexy red pair does the trick, whilst others prefer to see their men sporting cute white panties decorated with bows, hearts, or pretty pink ponies!

You may also want to consider a thong if you want to be very naughty - but I'd recommend you do some 'male grooming' before you slip into a sexy g-string.
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Arthur Wright answered
Hey whatever you guys want to do behind closed doors in your house is okay with us, but we really don't want to know this as it doesn't paint a pretty picture!

Worse yet, its liable to be on a billboard somewhere!

Now a girl can get away with anything, but come on you're a guy (or at least I hope so) and you have a reputation for all mankind to uphold.

Anyway, go for it and enjoy it.
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ken essex answered
Buy whatever turns her on, matching panties is fun!

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