My Gf Wants Me To Put On Her Panties. Should I? Why Does She Want Me To?


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First of all there is no need to be alarmed by this and certainly no need to worry. If she wants you to wear her panties during a sexy session then this is a harmless fetish or fantasy. Fantasies and fetishes can play a huge part in people's sexual relationships. Sex doesn't always have to be serious stuff; it should be fun for both parties. However, if you are not comfortable with this, or just don't want to participate then don't do it. Explain to your girlfriend that you are not happy wearing her panties, if she loves you I am sure she will understand, the same way as I am sure you would understand it if the situation was reversed.
There are many reasons why people have these fantasies or fetishes, only she can answer the question why, it could be that she is just curious to see her manly boyfriend in something feminine. Maybe ask her why.
But if she wants you to wear her panties on a daily basis instead of wearing your own underwear then this could be that she just wants to feel that she's near you 24/7. Maybe she is a little insecure. Some girls like the idea of wearing their boyfriend's shirt for bed just to feel close to them. But again if you don't feel comfortable with this then you need to tell her that you don't feel comfortable. There are many men that like to wear women's underwear purely for the softness and the feel of the material which is generally softer and more comfortable to wear. Many girls are not happy with this at all and think their boyfriends/husbands are a bit strange. But as long as you are both comfortable with the situation then there is really nothing wrong with it at all.
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Absolutely, go for it.  You are a lucky guy to find a girlfriend that wants to share her intimate garments with you.  Besides you will find that it will give you an incredible erection, which you both will love.  My wife and I have been sharing her panties for over 30 years and it has certainly helped our sex lives.
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My ex-girlfriend made me wear her panties after we had sex and that was the 1st time that me me loved panties and would never get rid of it till now. My present wife shares the same panties we chose and purchased together, it is a lovely intimate experience we both share since our marriage 10 years ago.
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Go right ahead .you will love it and if she is happy you wearing them great
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Yes, you should.  It sounds like it would excite her to see your package wrapped in something tight and silky.  I'm a bi girl and when I'm wih guys, I like to touch their stuff when it's wrapped in soft, slinky panties.
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I agree with Brittany, seeing you in panties could very well be a turn on for her and that most likely is why she wants you to put on her panties.  For my wife, when she was my GF she got me to start wearing panties full time and where it excited me, it excited her too.  So I say you definitely should!
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Many men become sexually excited (i.e., erect) wearing panties.  If that is the objective, go for it.
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My first experience with panties was when a former girlfriend asked me to wear them. I was hesitant at first, but when I saw how hot it was making her how could I say no. Even after that relationship ended, I continue to wear panties whenever possible. I am married now, and my wife knows about my fetish and also enjoys seeing me in panties. We often visit this community its a place for men and couples wearing panties. If you wear panties its a great place to check out, my wife enjoys making all the other panty guys cream there panties. You are a very lucky guy to have a girlfriend who wants you to wear her panties, once you put on her panties you will see it will excite you and you will always want to wear her panties. Have fun wearing her panties and enjoying wearing them in front of a female.
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You should try it. She is maybe trying to live out a fantasy and you should help her experience it.
Once you do it you might not want to go back to mens cotton briefs.
When I was 16 my girlfriend asked me to try on a pair of her panties, I must tell you it was quite a turn on. Whenever I was with her I always wore panties after that and sex was great, at least 3 times a week as she was very hot blooded. A few times she had me wear one of her bras under my shirt when we went out. She finally admitted that she was bi and that was ok with me and I told her so. That was 5 years ago and I still wear panties.
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She wants to see your package get so excited, like its never gotten before. Once you have them on TWANG! And she wants it that way, she'll want you to just see them and get excited. She will tease you while your out by just the touch of the fabric. Hope your tongue is ready,cause once she says PLEEZ  FOR ME!!!!  And as she  unzips your zipper and slides your pants down with your underwear and be running her pantys up and down your leg saying pleeeezzzz, just once!  And you say ok, as she slides them up your leg and over your package, she gives a little rub and oh my god!   You just want her to keep rubbing,she knows that as she spreads her leg and says you know what I want as she just rubs you enough to stay there at your peak and you just want to pleaser.  After that you try to resist her and guess what she has,there your panties now!   GO FOR IT, YOU WILL NEVER GET ANOTHER CHANCE FOR A WOMAN TO TELL YOU TO PUT THEM ON,AND THEN YOU'LL ALWAYS WONDER.
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Hay panty lover ii would give any thing to be in your position , I had a girlfriend when I was 20yo that had me in her panties and she would put me in makeup and even did my nails once. When we broke up years later I was lost . If you like fem things and she likes you in them enjoy you are LUCKY
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What happend? As they say never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Your awaiting gift must have been incredible.....lucky fellow
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Yes,Y not? What have you got to lose? Don't knock it till you try it,you might be surprized,I wear panties 24/7!
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Do everything she says. Do it for life or however long you would like the relationship to last.

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If she were your wife I would say go for it but since you are saying she is your girlfriend I am going to say that the two of you are going to far and should stop right now.

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