How Do You Know When Your Gf Wants To Hold Hands?


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Yu should just hold her hand if yu want to. Yu guys are going out so it should be totally comfortable with her
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When a girl wants to hold hands she normally lets you know by taking your hand... Remember she is your girlfriend so she should feel comfortable with you...

Times you should hold hands are simple.. When you are walking together... When you are sitting together...

One thing you can do instead of just holding hands try playing with her fingers a little...I'm not sure all girls like it but I know I like it when a guy massages my hand.
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Smile at her, when she smiles back look down at her hand, she will folow you gaze, and hold her hand, if she looks back up at you and smiles, you know for sure she wants you to hold her hand, if she is tense/ awkward you know she doesnt
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Just try it and see how she reacts, most likely she does and is just waiting for you to make the move.

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