How Do I Excite Him?


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You don't say where you are starting from.  Is he a complete stranger or is this a budding romance.  Are you really a novice or is this question due to an unusual experience...
Most guys respond to attention.  There is nothing better than feeling wanted.  Sometimes all it takes is a little flirt.  If he is already interested in you and he is a healthy young man, tell him you want to see him aroused and he may be fully aroused before you stop blushing.  Most men have a strong inclination to respond to visual cues and become aroused when they see a healthy young woman indicating her acceptance or encouragement.  Pictures can be a substitute sometimes.  More explicit tips and instructions are available in other forums.  If he isn't attracted to you or having a health problem, or old, it will be more difficult.
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Just kiss him and make him feel loved with a bit of touchy feel it works on my fella
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I don't think submissive and exciting go together very well.  If you are submissive, you would need for him to decide if he wanted to be aroused and then for him to tell you what to do to arouse him.  If that's OK, well then, maybe you can look for clues to see if it is time to cuddle before he has to ask.  Good luck.

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