Why Can't He Get An Erection?


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It may be what he said if you want to really get I'm hot tend to his problems mentally then work on the physical make him feel comfortable with less stress and it will help the situation and benefits will be out standing
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He may not be physically attracted to you anymore which is why he can't get an erection. It may have nothing to do with him being gay or bi. He may be really stressed out and unable to get erect...maybe he's taking or doing drugs that won't allow him to become erect. Don't know.
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How hot are you?

If you can't excite him physically then mentally the guy can't concentrate on getting excited. Since he's also bi then that makes things a whole lot worse since you got to prove that your better than the guy!
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Been told that I'm pretty up there in the ratings without sounding conceited. We've got together a few years back and had no problems what so ever. It was a hot mild blowing weekend, now 5 years later...just not happening. We did pretty much everything except the actual intercourse this time round. How could he do some sexual things, but not get aroused in that way? I have no idea if he is bi...trying to figure that out. Any signs that could tip me off other then him not getting a hard on???
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You. Prob the nerves said he as your ex right?  LOTSA freakin mindf--k baggage that brings with it.....DEFinitely be a prime cause for 4 days of boner-kill, no joke.

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