Why does my son drink until he gets drunk?can't he tell when he has had enough


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Drinking means to numb. He has an issue he is trying to numb or suppress. He drinks until it is.
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Isela Tesucum
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How can i make him realize that this is not the solution to anybody's problems?
Jil Blue
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Counseling helps. Tell your son your concern and ask if he would like to talk to someone. Give him a card of a place (previously researched)
Forest Lone
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I agree, I was going to suggest counseling to. Kids don't really listen to mom when it comes to personal problems.
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He knows but is trying to hide his problems in the bottle which never ever happens but he dosnt know that so the alcohol is his escape goat until he learns better
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Well, he shouldn't be for the sake of his underdeveloped liver. He will be sorry, it is awful when he has to go on dialysis. And you will be driving him daily.

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