Why does he look at me when he thinks I'm not looking, avoid gaze when I pass him but then say something to get my attention? (He has a gilrfriend by the way)


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This type of behavior is common when a person has a crush on another person or at least is interested in that person for whatever reason. Since this guy is behaving this way towards you, he probably has a crush on you or he is interested in you somehow. Just because someone has a girlfriend or a boyfriend, it doesn't mean that they are completely free from having a crush on anyone else. That's honestly not how it works for some people. You know how you can have multiple crushes at the same time? This is kind of the same situation except this person happens to be closer to one of their crushes (in other words, dating them). Just as long as this guy doesn't make a move while he's still dating someone else, you can simply be flattered by the fact that this guy is somehow interested and move on. You don't want to be THAT girl who gets in between a relationship (for starters it sucks to be girl #2 and it also makes you appear like you don't have good values or morals by wanting to "steal" someone else's boyfriend). I hope this helped.

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If this guy is looking at you a lot when he thinks you're not looking, and avoids your gaze only to then say something to get your attention, then there is a good chance that he's interested in getting to know you in a romantic way, but it's not definite that's why he's behaving as he is.

Let's face it, guys like looking at girls they think are pretty, and a lot of guys will do that even in they have a girlfriend. As the old saying goes, "just because you're on a diet, doesn't mean you can't look at the menu!" Whether the guy who looks at you is serious really depends on how serious he is about is girlfriend.

What sort of things does he say to you after he avoids your gaze? It could be he's heard you're into the same sort of music, books or TV that he likes, and so just wants to get to know you better on that level. Some guys, especially younger ones, can be awkward about making friends with a girl, so maybe he's trying to figure out a way of attracting your attention.

If he wants to be more than just friends, then that depends on how you feel about him, and of course the feelings of his girlfriend have to be taken into consideration. Try meeting him halfway - if you see him by himself, try having a friendly, neutral conversation with him, and see how that goes. If you're not interested in him as a boyfriend, then you'll have to tell him at some point, but there's no harm in being friends for now.

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