I Am 15 If I Get An Erection From A Penis Am I Gay?


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Lol I would say that sounds pretty gay; but,

-what do you think about that makes you get an erection? (do you just think about getting a hard on,  OR do you find yourself looking for penises.

If the latter, then you're gay.

If the first -- then realize that humans are very much copy-cats by nature (money see, monkey do).   When people yawn, others around yawn too; but, it's only because they've SEEN another person yawn... It has nothing to do with chemicals in the air and all that BS that old-timers used to  say...  If you never seen the other person yawn, your body wouldn't yawn.... It's psychological.

So you might subconsciously be thinking that you're supposed to have an erection because you seen someone else with one...  

***Also***  are there women in the background (of whatever you're looking at)?  Or are you looking at a single picture of a guy?

Again,  that sounds pretty gay.

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