I Am A Married Man But Have Gay Feelings, How Do I Find A Lover?


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Roger black answered
I went through the same situation, and was unsure what to do, I spoke to a gay friend, who offered to show me the ropes, but that would have been odd, so he suggested a gay dating site, you will be amazed at how many married guys are in the same boat, I took my time, and eventually settled on meeting another married guy, who was a 1st timer, we met a few times for drinks, and chats, and eventually sex just happened, I absolutely loved it, he tried a couple of times, but unfortunately decided it wasn't for him. My point is that some gay dating sites can be helpful, but be careful.
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You should talk to your wife about this. I would rather be told then lied to. This could lead to divorce you do know this right? I believe everyone has a chance at happiness, but If you have children.. This could be horrible.Maybe depending on how your wife is..She might find it kinky that you want to try something with someone of your gender. All of these advice answers could go wrongGood luck~
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It seems like you want to experiment first and be certain.  Try hooking up with someone on the internet, no commitment. But I would strongly suggest, you need to practice safe sex. I hope you find your answer in life.
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Have you mentioned this to your wife? She might like to know you want to find a lover..
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Did you marry a women? Did you know you had gay feeling
now what will you tell your wife I hope no children is in this
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We all have feelings a one time or another that we shouldn't have. The thing that separates us from animals is the ability to overcome feelings and make right choices. How could you think of
betraying your wife and family because you "have gay feelings". Don't destroy your life by doing something so foolish. Do you want AIDS?

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