If I am married but separated how long should I wait until I have a relationship with someone else?


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Until you are divorced you could be held on adultery charges. Separation, even legal separation does not allow. Now, If you would like to date and even have sex with someone IF you get permission (preferably written in today's world) from your spouse  then you can.

Any married couple, in a good marriage or not, can give permission to have a relationship outside the marriage. I do not recommend this for a poor or shaky marriage as it will tear the marriage apart. The term for this is "polyamory" and is widely practiced by many couples today. If you would like more information on polyamory see www.lovemore.com . Biblically this is based on Exodus 21:4 (KJV).
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rachel macpherson
My marriage has just broke down through bad times me and my husband are talking but i dont want to go back i want another relatoinship with one of my best friends who has took me in when i had nowhere to go looked after me when i had money troubles and i have fell in love with him just dont know what to do
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You are in no way ready to get into another relationship. You think you are in love with this man because he has given you some attention and listened to your story. He is interested in one thing, getting in your panties seveal times. Being a man I have seen it more than once. If he has given you money he really expects sex with you; I would almost be willing to say he has had you a time or two already.
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I used to be a group assistant leader in a Divorce recovery group. They taught there should be 1 year of recovery for every 5 years of marriage or portion there of. You should not even think of any thing slightly serious for at least a year after divorce. Take your time be extremely carefull right now, you are not in love and neither is he.
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Until you feel that you're ready.
But be careful if you want a divorce he can use you "cheating" on him against you becasue you'll are still legally married.
Don't sleep around just becasue you may feel depressed.
Explore life.
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Wait at least until the marriage is annulled and your divorce is finalized to avoid any unnecessary unpleasantness with your ex.After that, it depends really on when you want to have a relationship with someone again.It takes different periods of time for different people to start another relationship again.
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Until you're emotionally stable.
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I think you should get done with one thing ( divorce) before starting up with another thing. It's going to get so jumbled in your mind you won't be able to make sensible decisions. Sounds like you're a little lost and it's good to have a support system but if this good friend of yours really cares for you he'll put your best interest in front of his own and wait , at least until your divorce is final. 
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If your still married I say wait until the divorce is final. If your caught with someone else and still married your ex could file adultery against you. Or vice versa
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I agree with everyones' comments! You should stay with your "legal" husband until the divorce papers are official... Anything could happen... But asking us to start a new relationship with a best friend, who has been there for you, would only be "good" when you are ready and he (the best friend) is ready... Don't try to jump into another relationship after a hectic break up... I've seen many people who had done this and they never really know what they want during or after the relationship. I call that "relationship hopping." you never really find out what you want in life and you never focus on you entirely first. So, take it one step at a time and  breath. Good luck! =))))

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