My question is: should I end my 8 year long relationship with my boyfriend for a new relationship with someone else?


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Leelee Bug answered

It depends. Does he treat you well? Does he respect you? Does he show you all the love in the world? Does he make you happy? If you love him with all your heart and have no doubts, stay with him.

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Taila Nevado answered

If you are happy together and there are no major issues
between you two, you should not do so. However, if you are facing some
problems, you must try to solve it before taking any decision. Personally, I do
not think that you should end it as after 8 years there must be a strong bond
between you.

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JoodyStar Black answered

Why do you ask? Did he hurt you? If yes - you should. But if you get bored with this relationahips you should think twice maybe the problem is in you

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