How Will I Maintain A Good Relationship With My Boyfriend


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Mainly, as hard as it sounds, by NOT worrying about how long it will last! Honestly, if you can enjoy every time you meet, and get to know your boyfriend in a relaxed way, you're much more likely to stay together. After all, if it's a new relationship, you can't yet know if you even want it to last...So I hope the two of you manage to enjoy getting to know each other and let the future take care of itself.
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Relationships last on one thing, and that is trust. The only way it will last if you trust him and he trust you. Otherwise its not going to work.
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Give your boyfriend time! If he wants to be with you forever, it takes time to discover it. But in the end, believe me, it is worth it, even if this boyfriend doesn't end up being the one you live your life with, because eventually, you'll find someone who you can't live without.
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Being able to have some time for yourselves. Make times to hang out with friends, do chores, shopping things are you enjoy most. By having your space with trust between eachother your relationship will be never ending. No matter how much time you would love to spend with your boyfriend or vis vesa. To making a great relationship last is having space for one another.
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I want to stay with my boyfriend and how I will maintain the good relation with him?

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