What Do Think About The Boyfriend And Girlfriend Relationship?


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Now a day we all have observed the relationship of boy friend and girl friend is emerging and almost all of the young boys and girls are in the same relation. If we look at religious point of view none of the religion permits this type of friendship but in this modern word it is flourishing day by day. Only the Satanist is the one side, who accept the relation ship of boy friend and girl friend. The question arising here in the mind that all peoples knew that it is forbidden, they why this illness increasing and mostly the results come to an end by suicide.

In this type of relation ship may got influence that how to be dishonest, many girls loses their virginity before marriages and also that boy leave them doesn't marry that girl, many girls with out marriage get pregnant, due to such conditions most of the peoples go through severe tensions and lead their ways towards suicide.

The main problem is that, why it is increasing too much, when all knew it goes to the destruction, and how this relationship organized, because so far as my knowledge and know how none of the religion permits to do so. Ever religion quote sex before marriage is high sin.
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I don't feel any bad for the relationship between girlfriend and boyfriend. If they like each other then what is the problem. There is not any bad thing between there relation. If they are general boyfriend and girlfriend, means they don't love each other then there should be some limitation between there relationship. They should not cross some boundaries because it will cause problem for both of them.

There is freedom anywhere; there should not be any restriction on a particular person. Moreover one doesn't have to think or criticize on any other person's personal matters. If two people are dating or doing any thing its there own personal matter. Anyhow there is freedom for any type of couples either gays, lesbians, bisexual or male and female couple.
When two people love each other then obviously they are girlfriend and boyfriend, later on they become husband and wife.

Now a day, relationship between guy and girls is very common thing. Every other person has a relationship with other person either known to every one, or it is secret. If someone don't have this type of relationship then he/she seems out of fashion and don't able to walk with the society.
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I really think its just a way of having an experience of dating so that
you may have an idea of how to handle your marriage properly without
any problems.

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