What do You Think About Relationships at Work? Do you Approve Them and What's your Personal Experience?!


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Work place romances are extremely dangerous and very rarely do they ever work but end in a huge disaster.  The company grapevine gets ahold of it and soon everyone knows and if the Business has by-laws prohibiting it, one or both could lose their jobs. Break ups are really bad as one could spread rumors around that will force you to quit too as well as everyone knowing your private life.  Many try as they think they wont get caught  but many end up learning the hard way I was right so as tempting as they are, they just aren't worth the trouble in the long run.  This is where the old adage about "never fool around in your own backyard" came from but of course as always, its your life so do as you please but you have been warned.  Good luck

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Ancient One answered

Romantic relationships with co-workers is extremely dangerous. The negative as well as the positive ramifications can be most disastrous. Having said that, on a very positive note, a small, very small (as I understand it) percentage do work out gloriously.  Ours is an example. I was out of work for a long period of time. I read a write up for a position and said the write up looked as if they had read my resume. I applied and after lengthy interviews by all the senior staff I was hired for the position. On my first day one of my soon to be subordinates was directed to give me a tour of the facility and fill me in on all aspects of the section I would be supervising. Long story short, she was rude, bristled at every turn. It was obvious she disliked me intensely. After a very long day with her I went back to the person who was my supervisor and asked what was her problem. Apparently she had been the first in line for the job. She was well experienced and liked by all. It was assumed she'd have the job hands down. However my education and experienced trumped hers. It took two years for her to realize I was a decent person and not a total screw up.  

Three more years went by and then "our stars aligned". We kept our relationship a secret for a year and made the big announcement by sending out wedding invitations. Shortly after we both opened our own company. That was ages ago and we are still in love and act the same.

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Rarely a good idea. Keep that stuff out of the work place. 

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