What Do You Think About The Scandal Of Imran Khan (former Pakistani Caption), With Her Old Girlfriend?


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Well I think that, it is just a trick of ruling parties. Who always bump up the old scandals of people personal life? If a person has some faults or any affairs in his/her previous life, then it is not a big deal, if currently that person is going in right direction. Imran Khan is a very well-known famous cricketer and also and very gentle person.

Always when there is a time of election, the ruling party tries to damage the reputation of Imran Khan in the society and in the media. It was also happen before the previous elections. But now the case is different, people of the country are now very open minded, and understand all the tricks of the government.

If there is one scandal of Imran Khan then, there are thousands of rape and illegal charges against the current politicians. Any how, I don't want to go in detail, but I would say that, Imran Khan is also a human. He can also do a wrong thing, he is not an angel. But I think that, now he is moving in a correct and good direction, so we must have to appreciate him.
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He has a lot of scandals with more than 100 women. You can read the details in the book Titled "Parliament Se Bazar-e-Husn Tak". He is a dirty man basically.

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