My Girlfriend And I Never See Each Other And I Am Thinking About Breaking Up With Her. What Should I Do?


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In itself, not seeing your partner very often is not a very good reason to break up with them.

However, if not seeing each other enough is a symptom of a lack of interest from either party, you might want to reconsider your relationship.

If you're both busy people, or if you live far apart, then it can be difficult to find the time and money needed to spend time together. If this is the case, then there are plenty of other ways that you can keep in contact: Talking on the phone or on Skype can be a great way of feeling closer to each other, even if you're far apart.
If you care about each other and the relationship, try making time for each other, even if it isn't face-to-face.

Things to Consider Before Deciding to Break Up

  • If you don't see much of each other because of things outside of your control (distance or school/work commitments), you can work around this if the relationship means enough to you.
  • Is your girlfriend making excuses not to see you? Maybe the relationship isn't working out.
  • Talk to her about it! This is the best thing you can do. Tell her how you feel, and ask her what she thinks.
  • Make sure you're being reasonable - everybody needs time to themselves. You don't want to seem clingy, so make sure you're giving her enough time to spend with family and friends (without constantly checking up on her by text!)
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Wow, this is a tough situation. It sounds to me like maybe breaking up is the answer. What you really need to do is just call her up and tell her you need to talk to her.

When you are able to talk, just tell her that you have noticed that you two have become distant and wanted to know why.

Then just ease into the whole "Maybe we should break up" thing. Because more than likely if breaking up is the answer, she has been thinking that for a while,and just like you, hasn't know how to say it. Good luck.
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There's only one problem with that answer. We never talk, she never has time to talk. So it really makes it hard to say what i need to say.
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Well I think you should just give her some more time to feel more comfortable with dating you. Even though you have been going out with her for a long time now she still might need some more time. Try not to rush the relationship. Give her at least 3 more weeks to give in and if she still doesn't give in then dump her.

Now to do that you need to walk up to her and say "You know that I've been thinking about the way we don't spend much time with each other so I think we need to see some other people." Then walk away nicely and everything should go well.

She might cry but that's normal. So if you hear or see her cry don't do anything just let it go.

I hope that this is good advice because this is exactly what my boyfriend did to me but for a different reason. GOOD LUCK!
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Well find her and ask her if she is trying to avoid you and if so then tell her "I think it would be best if we broke up or just didn't see each other".
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Okay it's like this, either she's seeing somebody else or she's thinking about the same thing. Call the chick up and tell her "let's meet and talk" - maybe in a park or coffee shop. Then you tell her how you feel and, if she feels a different way, then hey BREAK UP, but if not, work it out. Good luck buddy.

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