If you die, are you no longer married to your wife/husband?


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No you are still married, unless you file for divorce papers that is. Chistianty suggests that each religion is a pathway to god, regardless of what religion you are, God gives immortality which means is you dont get a divorce and you die also, you shall be reunited to your other half in heaven
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Sarah-Louise Cassidy
I doubt it, if you are in love with your current other half then that should be the person you are reunited with in heaven.
Robb commented
I think you have your facts confused. Divorce and death are two separate things. You can't divorce a dead person. The marriage oath goes "until death do you part". Once death happens, the couple is parted and the marriage is over.
Sarah-Louise Cassidy
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Until death do you apart.  Simple. You ain't married anymore.  You wanta get re-married, go ahead.  There are no marriages in heaven (as the angels), all will be male gender, but no sexes, no marrying, no dates, no buying flowers or candy, no anniversery presents.  The only Bride in heaven is the Christians married to Jesus.Hope I didn't ruin someone's day
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Yes, no longer married to your wife/husband.
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John commented
But what if you believe you live for eternity after your mortal life.just thought this was a interesting question to think about. Is a marriage forever or until your mortal body is no more.hmmm(?) makes you think now don't it. : )
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If you die you are still married but you still can get remarried.
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Legally you are no longer married and are free to remarry, or date, or whatever you want to do.
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Ayesha answered
That will depends on the person who is alive! Whether the other person wants to keep you alive or dead! All it matters is love!

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