Are You Married To Your High School Sweetheart?


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Laura Wilde Profile
Laura Wilde answered
No thank goodness....he turned out to be a loser!
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Anonymous answered
We are not married yet, but I know that we will be one day. We knew each other for 3 years before we started dating. I was a senior in high school, and he was in his first year of college. Now we have been together for 2 1/2 years. :)
Holly Mathews Profile
Holly Mathews answered
We did not go to school at the same time (he is 7 yrs. Younger) but I did go to school with his sister, in the same school district obviously, and I have known him all his life (23 yrs.) so in a way, yes. I have always liked him (since he became old enough to have interests). It is nice to already know just about EVERYTHING about your love. There are no skeletons in that closet that I do not already know about.
carrie Profile
carrie answered
I was. For about 30 seconds. It did not end well. However, I do have a beautiful 24 year old daughter to show for it.
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Anonymous answered
My grandmother married her high school sweetheart, but I'm not married and no one else besides my grandma in my family married their high school sweet heart.
Kare Bear Profile
Kare Bear answered
Considering that I'm not married yet and I didn't really have a highschool sweetheart, then the answer would be no.
Melissa Profile
Melissa answered
My parents are high school sweet hearts!
They met when they were 16, got married right out of high school and have been together for 22 years :]
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Anonymous answered
Yeah me and my gf are go in steady and are currently in love im a junior, shes a freshmen and we plan on marrying in her senior year
Ayesha Griffiths Profile
Pretty much :)
I love him to pieces and we're inceperable! Lol
But I'm only 13.
Who knows if we'll stay together...
I hope. X

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