Is It True All Boys Only Want One Thing?


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mya wright Profile
mya wright answered
I think yes all men think about is sex and more sex ....
Chris Hughes Profile
Chris Hughes answered
Nope just the immature stated above.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Well all boys probably do want the same thing. But when those grow up to be real men, they start thinking differently. Especially if they are Christians.
tinga nih Profile
tinga nih answered
Depends on what you show them.. Most boys treat girls based on what they show.. So its still all up to you..
Josh Webber Profile
Josh Webber answered
Yes it is true that boys only want one thing, then they grow up to be men and men only want one thing that is to make their second half the princess of his world
Bhagwati Jangir Profile
Bhagwati Jangir answered
I don't think so...
Many just want true friend with whom he can share all things & cherish being with her.
Why he thinks that women are better to share the matters then men is the caring & patience of their relationship.
Thats What I think...

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