What Does It Mean When A Guy Says He Wants To Feel You Out First?


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Patrick Gilroy answered
text I don't know how old or young you are strlove123, but I would think that your question is self explanatory. Wouldn't you? Come on!
What do you think it means? He wants to get in your pants first and then he'll decide if your worth hangin for. When I was a youngun, I would pull the same kind of thing on unsuspecting young ladies. I got away with it more often than not. My advise to you is if you like this boy, tell him the only thing he's going to feel is the tip of your boot in his rear end. Tell him that your to be respected and treated like a lady and if he's not willing to do that. Show him the door!! Now!!!Don't waste your time on guys that only want one thing. There's to many nice young men out there just waiting for the chance to prove themselves to a nice young lady. I hope I answered your question.
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Well...I'm 21 years old and he is getting ready to be 22.
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Terry Garcia answered
Well first of all at your age you should not be tripping out on this guys antics. A man that age is not capable of making a decision that doesn't involve beer, video games or sex. I know it is hard at your age. I was a deep thinker too. The problem is guys your age are not into the whole deep and meaningful stuff. They are still stretching there manliness and trying to figure themselves out. If this guy is telling you he wants to go slow that may be a blessing in disguise.

A woman that is clingy and dependent will turn him off. Be the goddess you were meant to be. Focus on being the most and best you can be. If you have feelings for this guy chasing him will only make him run faster. If you you want to bring him closer to you stand tall by yourself. If he is the right one it will happen, if not you are better off knowing it now.
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If he says that to you don't even bother, he wants to see what kind of person you are if he's 22 its probly because he wants to see if he could use you as a play toy. Or he has someone on the side and wants to keep you around in case it doens't work with the other person. Besides that if he has trust issues you don't want to get involved with that because then he'll always blame or accuse you of something no matter what.

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