What Does It Mean When A Guy Wants To Go On A Trip With You?


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Generally speaking, its almost impossible to guess what his intentions are. He could just want some continous time alone, he wants to see the world with somebody he loves, he wants to take you travelling as a gift, don't worry about it too much if you trust your boyfriend. If you really trust him, what reason do you have to worry? Not that you should be oblivious, but don't think of the relationship as a competition or as a game, or especially as two people acting against each other. A relationship is about trusting each other.
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That sounds real good. The only problem is that he's not my boyfriend...not yet anyway. He's someone I've known from my past and we just started conversing again after a 5-6 year hiatus. I just broke up with my boyfriend about 2 months ago and the two of them share the same birthday...really creepy. I don't know what to make of the entire situation. He talks about "us" and "we" as if we're "us" and "we" already. He's a good guy. I'm just a little uneasy about the direction we're going in.
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It simply means that he is interested in knowing you more.
That would mean a start for both of you in knowing each other.

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