What Does It Mean When A Guy Locks Eyes With You?


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Eye-contact is a really important part of non-verbal communication. Usually, when a guy locks eyes with you, it means that he likes you - although this isn’t always the case!

What Can It Mean When A Guy Locks Eyes With You?
  • That he’s wondering if you’re thinking the same as him - for example, if someone said something stupid, he could be looking at you in a “wow, they’re dumb!” kind of way.
  • That he’s caught you looking at him, and he’s staring back to make a point
  • That he finds you attractive, and is communicating non-verbally with you to test the waters - if you smile, he might start talking to you.
  • That he finds you interesting - maybe he likes your hair, or your style
How Do I Know If He’s Looking At Me Because He Likes Me?
Usually, if a guy locks eyes with you because he has a crush on you, he’ll keep on looking at you until you lock eyes again.

This tends to happen several times, until one of you smiles. This invites the other person to start a conversation. It’s a bit like a mating ritual!

What Do I Do If I Don’t Want Him To Start Talking To Me?
After locking eyes accidentally, you should make a point of not looking at him again. If you keep catching his eye, he’ll think that the attraction is mutual. Just ignore him - he’ll soon realize you’re not interested!
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Sure it is possible he likes you, this would be but one of many ways a guy would try to convey such feelings.

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