What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Gorgeous?


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When a guy calls you gorgeous, it's not what he says- but rather 'how' he says it that matters!

This is the case with most things that men say, so if you want to know whether a guy genuinely likes you - or if he's just down for some NSA fun - read on:

What does it mean when a guy calls you gorgeous? In my opinion, you can tell a lot more about what a man means by ignoring his words and looking at his eyes.

If he calls you gorgeous and does a quick scan of your body, there's a good chance he's a sleazeball.

If he calls you gorgeous and is able to make eye-contact with you, it's more likely that he is being genuinely affectionate.

When a boy calls a girl gorgeous
The funny thing about the word gorgeous is that it doesn't appear very often in the male vocabulary.

You wouldn't hear a guy saying how 'gorgeous' a hot rod or a barbecue set is ( although this might be different for people living in Australia or the UK).

In general, gorgeous is the type of word guys use about women because they think it's the sort of thing women want to hear.

They see it as a more refined way of saying 'you've got a hot posterior' or 'a great pair of maracas' - phrases they probably use to describe you to their beer-buddies.

Whilst it might sound a little insincere to be using special vocabulary to impress someone, most guys use the word 'gorgeous' because they're making an effort - which, in most cases, is a good thing!
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So a guy can't say your gorgeous and mean it? That's insane! Some women and men over analyze things.

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It means he's checking you out!

Does he ever say, "Ladies first' through a door?

You may think he's being a gentlemen but that's one of the good signs!

Good luck!

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