What does it mean when a guy turns off his phone when you call him?


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Janey answered
It could mean he's just working or studying and doesn't want to be disturbed or he could be just taking a nap from all his studies to refresh himself.If you called him he might get distracted and end up thinking of you instead of his books !
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Karl Sagan answered

Don't overreact, he may be busy, or a=maybe he's just having problems with his phone. I used to have a problem with my speaker, and my girlfriend thought I was doing it on purpose because I didn't want to talk to her. I managed to solve it after reading this article https://howly.com/article/iphone-11-speaker-issues-what-to-do-and-how-to-fix/ ,but she didn't believe that all that time my speaker didn't work correctly.

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pamela dugas answered
It could almost anything,but every time he turns it off hes avoiding you while cheating on the other person.
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Tannis Mitchell answered
He probably wants alone time, and doesnt want to get disturbed. Or maybe his phone is dead, so he wants to shut it off, to not waste a lot of battery. Don't think he might've shut his phone off, because of you. It may be another reason.

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