What Does It Mean When A Guy Tells You That You Remind Him Of His Ex Girlfriend?


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Ask him in what way you remind him of his ex! If its something negative, then don't waste your time, if you can't be yourself around a guy, then you don't need them.
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I had a boyfriend say that once.  I started to notice that he was trying to make me her later in the relationship.  Saying little things like that isn't how you should feel, this is, I like this kind of outfit, maybe you should wear your hair this way.  It was actually one of his buddies that said it seemed like he was trying to make me her.  I found out after I broke it off with him that he was still in love with her.  That doesn't mean your boyfriend is doing that though.
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That this is time to leave.
Don't give your heart to a brickhead.
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Ooo...very very not cool to tell you that. Stop and think about his ex girlfriend. Was she mean or what? Was she a good girlfriend. Why did him and her break up. Just think some. Does he say it in anger? You are very beautiful and I think they are stupid and very unchivelrious to do that to you.
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Actually, it depends upon the situation. If the guy is only a friend, maybe he wishes to make the relationship more serious. Conversely, if you are arguing when he says this, its probably his way of saying that you nag.

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Slap him and walk away! Lol just kidding, but I don't know how to respond to that. I guess it means he doesn't like you or he really likes you. It depends on how he liked his ex girlfriend. Or maybe you just look like her twin. Sorry I can't answer this for you. :)

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The thing is they always see it as a negative thing and don't want me too be like her :/
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Well its never really negative stuff he just says all around i have her silly quirks and like the same stuff but it seems too scare him because it turned out she hurt him

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