What Does It Mean When A Guy Tells You He Loves You In Your Dream?


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Chris Colburn answered
It really just means that you may have feelings for this person in a special way that you don't no how to express in real life. It could also mean that it subconscious is just playing tricks with you. Either of these reasons are normal to have but you will never really no if its true or not unless you take a leap of faith to really see if this person likes you.
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It is a kind of tease. It means he/she is uncertain about you, but would like you to hang around just in case . . . You are not quite seen as something "real" in his/her life; but as something which causes him/her to have conflicted feelings.
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Herold Gregy answered
It means he loves you and you should tell him that you love him too.
DELILAH DEE answered
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If any body used to say like that it means he / she has a lust feelings to uif you want to prove my answer so go to him as a sexy lady or boy...and take a little discussion about your personality ...then you will get reply from his or her mouth wordso becareful...and keep distance
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marissa thomas answered
That means they may love you or they want to love you but are having a hard time loving you....I hope I answered that helpfully:DD
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When you are "in love" with someone in your dream that you aren't with in real life its your subconcious dreaming of what myou really wish to be true in real life. Or perhaps you just love this person?!

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