What does it mean when a guy tells you they love you when they are secretly dating someone?


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Trust is a disposition in an individual towards other individuals. It determines how much you find another person's behavior predictable, in a positive sense. 

For example, when someone asks you if you to lend them some money, trust means you think you are able to predict that they give it back to you in the future. If you don't trust them, it means you predict that they won't.

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it means they don't love you. It's very easy for guys to say those words and mean nothing. Actions speak louder than words. If his actions (cheating) does not match his words (I love you) then he is playing with you.

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It means they're not man enough to be honest with you and you don't deserve someone that toys with your heart!! Sorry, but true! Your partner will live a lonely life!! 

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