What Does It Mean To Love Someone? And How Can You Truly Tell When You Are In Love?


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When you are in love, if the person was horribly burned over most of their body and their ears fell off and their fingers, you would hold them in your arms and make love with whatever parts were left, because your feelings run that deep.
in the movie, " Backdraft" the hero says it all. " You go, WE go". Love is commitment, holding on, going to work every day, paying bills. Its not movie stuff its real stuff.
sex is a feeling of enjoying your own skin with another person. People mistake love for sex all the time.

make sense?
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When you start thinking about that person more than you do yourself, even praying for that person more than you do yourself, if you are apart for more than a hour you can hardly bear it......the best to you..
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There is no way to explain what love is and the only way you can tell when you are in love it is totally a feeling from your heart so there is really no way to answer that question
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To love someone is to give your God giving life to that person
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Wen your in love all you think about is da person your in love wit its like nothing else in your life is important but the on you love nd you pay more attention to them then any one around you love Come from your heart nd you should  never say you love some one unless it comes from your heart even if they tell you they love you if you don't mean it don't say it... Good luck

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